Recruitment, Induction and Review of Training Requirements of GMP Staff

GMP facilities must establish a process facilitating and recording training and development activities to fulfil the competency requirements of personnel. They should follow procedure to specify the steps for the recruitment and selection of suitably qualified employees and the subsequent induction process when new employees joins.

All positions must have a documented job description which lists the core tasks and responsibilities applicable to the role, together the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the role. Individuals are recruited based on their ability to meet these criteria via their qualifications, background, training and previous work experience.

The Department Manager is responsible for identifying the need to recruit and initiate the recruitment and selection process. Once approval to recruit is received the department manager is responsible for following the recruitment and selection process through to ensure the suitably qualified and experienced new employee is inducted on commencement.

The Manager must ensure the position description is current for the role and that the new employee is provided with a signed copy. They must ensure merit selection is the basis of selection decisions and interview documentation is forwarded to the Human Resources Representative for record keeping.

Upon the new employees’ commencement, the department manager is responsible for co-ordinating and documenting the induction process and appropriate training for the new employeeThey are responsible for monitoring the new employee’s performance and conducting the typical 3 or 6 months probation review and forwarding documentation to HR for the employee’s file.

The HR Representative is responsible for assisting the Department Manager through:

  • Entering the vacancy in the requisition system
  • Circulating the vacancy internally
  • Conduct independent reference check for shortlisted candidates and provide feedback,
  • Prepare employment agreement and new starter packs for selected candidate
  • Notify relevant areas of new starter for set up in Databases and IT
  • The collection and appropriate storage of related documentation

Recruitment Process:

Local department manager identifies the need to recruit a new employee. The current job description is reviewed and updated to ensure it correctly reflects the function and responsibility of the role. Where required a job description may need to be created in consultation between the department manager and HR.  Completes Job Requisition Form and forwards to HR to communicate need to recruit to HR. Human Resource enters the position in the job requisition system to obtain appropriate global approval and communicates the status of the submission.

New Employee Selection Process:

Department manager and HR determine if the vacancy can be filled internally, if so HR to communicate vacancy internally and provide position descriptions. If the position cannot be filled internally, the department manager liaises with recruitment partners to source suitable candidates to meet the experience, skills and knowledge required for the role, as outlined in the job description.

The manager then holds first interviews and determine applicants to progress to second interview with another manager or representative within the business. During the interviews behavioural based interview questions used and documented for employee’s file.

Department manager shortlists candidates for further job specific testing and background checks. Department manager in consultation with all interviewers determine the most suitable candidate for the role based on merit/competency and advises HR with the recruitment choices.

A minimum of two (2) reference checks to be completed prior to offer being made to the successful candidate. When HR receives the Employment Recommendation that the candidate is recommended for hire they prepare the employment contract, new starter pack and notify unsuccessful candidates if required.  All documentation is to be forwarded to HR prior to written offer of employment being made. HR receipts signed letter of offer from successful candidate. prepares notification for employee. 

New Employee Induction Process:

Department manager and HR will prepare a schedule for induction for the new employee in consultation with other managers/department representatives to complete the Employee Induction Record.

Once the Employee Induction Record has been completed and signed by both the department manager and new employee, it is forwarded to HR for placing on the employee’s personnel file. 

Probation review

The probation period is outlined in the employment agreement, during this time the department manager must monitor the employee’s performance closely and address performance issues as they arise. Should major performance issues arise, the department manager must advise Chain of Command and HR.

By the end of the probation period, the department manager should meet with the employee to hold a probationary review discussion and provide feedback regarding the employee’s performance and ongoing employment with the company and complete the Employee Probationary Review Form.

The department manager forwards the completed Employee Probationary Review Form to HR for storing on the employee’s personnel file.

Employee Training Process

Department Managers are responsible for the identification of training needs, to plan and implement training, evaluate the effectiveness of training and ensure the employee training is recorded.

The Manager is responsible for ensuring employees have a current job description and that employees are sufficiently trained to carry out the requirements of their role.

Managers are responsible to advise the Human Resources when an employee attends an external training course. So that a training records this information in the Training Matrix.

Training records for employees should be kept for at least three years after an employee leaves the organization.

Employees are responsible for participating in and completing the planned training activities identified for them to ensure they understand and follow the information and instructions presented at the training.

General Training Requirements

All new employees must receive adequate training to fulfil the requirements of their role.  On-the-job training must be closely monitored by the department manager. In the event where a gap is discovered, training will be organised for the employee as soon as possible.

All employees must receive procedural and on-the-job training applicable to their job description as per the Training Matrix.  Employees should receive training on the Quality Management System relevant to their job role.

All training must be documented in writing with the use of form Employee Training Record which is initiated by the department manager, signed by the employee and returned to the Manager who will forward the form to HR for filing.

Training Methods and Materials

Training materials include in-house online training on customised software programs and systems, new employee induction training, coaching (On the Job), formal presentations, observation, self-training, self-evaluation and external training.  In the event where other formats of training are used the department manager will ensure the training details are documented on the Employee Training Record as well as on the Training Matrix.

Training may be done in an individual or group session.  The department manager must ensure that the employee brings with them the Employee Training Record to the training session and complete the training details immediately after attending the training session. This should apply for both one-on-one and group training sessions.

Training may be validated by a verbal or written test/questionnaire or observation. Where appropriate, external training courses may be identified by individuals and/or managers. These courses need to be provided by recognized training organizations and approval obtained prior to enrolling in or attending the course. A copy of the certificate/letter showing successful completion will be added to the employee’s personnel file.

There must be permanent repository system where the Training records and documents are maintained.

Performance Appraisals

Employees shall have an annual performance appraisal with their manager, which includes discussing and identifying training and development needs. The effectiveness of previous training and current level of competency shall be reviewed during the annual performance appraisal. During the performance appraisal, the need for retraining or refresher training will be reviewed and documented.

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