GMPSOP Terms and Condition

All procedures listed in this site are password protected and member’s only. We recommend a new subscriber should read the sample procedures carefully and make an informed decision about the suitability before attempting to purchase the subscription. The sample procedures are smaller than their full versions and listed on the homepage downloadable without charge. No procedure listed in this site provides misleading or false information intentionally and can be useful when applied correctly. We expect readers will understand the principles and concept of the documents and rewrite their own version.

Payment options

The subscription payment choice includes Paypal at this point. All subscription payments are processed by Paypal. After a new subscriber will sign up, site administrator will send a set of user ID and Password using the email registered at the time of subscription. Notification of ID and password may take up to 24 hours from the time of subscription. Subscriber has to enter his/her ID and password to open any document for every session. ID and Passwords can be deactivated by the site authority subject to cancellation of a subscription.


All documents are Copyright protected. Copying or editing documents are prohibited and may not be possible. It is recommended to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the documents online. Subscriber will not be able to download any procedure unless otherwise permitted by the site administrator.

Illegal copying and using of full or part of the information published in this site for other commercial purposes is completely prohibited. Site authority reserves all rights for the use of its services and may take any legal actions if found an unauthorized use of any of its publications. The information contained in this site is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information regarding the subjects addressed. Purchase of subscription does not transfer ownership of any part of the documents listed in this site.

Prices and Cancellation

New subscription prices and trial periods are subject to variation from time to time as per the discretion of site authority. However, existing subscription does not change until the end of the subscription.

Subscriber holds the right to cancel a subscription at any time without prior notice. New subscription price will apply if re-subscribed unless otherwise agreed by the site authority. Site authority reserves the right to cancel a subscription if such a necessity arises without prior notice. Site authority is not liable to make a refund anytime a subscription is cancelled by either party.